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5 Days 4 Nights Tour

Day 1: Arrive guilin - check in hotel - free time - a small gift can be pick up at hotel reception (a map of Guilin).
Day 2: Li-river cruise (one day tour).
Day 3: Calligraphy and painting class or Chinese tea ceremony at the roof top - visit Rong lake art gallery - afternoon tea - walking trip around rong lake and shan lake.
Day 4: Longji rice terrace tour (one day tour).
Day 5: Free time - departure city.

[Day 1]
Our hotel have a pick up service about Guilin airport and Guilin train station, people who make a reservation about our trip please go to the airport check in by yourselves with your family and friends, then go to the destination of Guilin. If you arrive Guilin early, we will suggest you can have a rest in our hotel late, you can go the city center visit our Rong lake and Shan lake which is very close to our hotel walking by 2-10 min. Also go to the Zhengyang pedestrian street would be a good choice for taste some local snacks like Guilin Noodles, Gongcheng, camellia, tapioca, Artemisia argyi BABA.

Dish Recommendation:
1.Duck in vinegar blood?Quanzhou Style - Another name blood duck is Lingling duck, a kind of Han nationality traditional dish, duck cutlets is brown, palatable quality, salty, fresh with little sour, rich spicy, endless aftertaste, be known in China. Till Ming Dynasty, Lingling(Quanzhou county) be administered by Guilin, so called Guilin blood duck.
2.Snail chicken - Snail chicken use the Lijiang River Stone snail and pure farm chicken (in adding acid bamboo shoots and peppers hillside stocking best), supplemented by various characteristics of seasoning. A pot or dry pot. Mix the fresh taste and smell of chicken snail is perfect, if the pot drink soup will definitely let you have no reason to stop the impulse. The dry pot, with spicy taste of these 4 words to describe.

[Day 2]
Li-river cruise: Li-river in two docks (Mopanshan dock and Zhujiang dock), One is for Chinese people which most of Chinese tour people will choose it and we call that the ordinary boat. The other one is for westen people which most of western people like to choose it cause the guide on this boat will have English-speaking. We call this luxury boat.
PS: according to the li river water level, the company can adjust the departure time of the boat also the pier.Schedule
08:00 after breakfast, everyone get together take the bus to the dock
09:30 dparture Zhu jiang dock by boat
11:30 lunch on the boat
14:00 arrive Yangshuo west street dock
16:00 ready to back by bus
18:00 back to Guilin hotel

There is a Chinese saying: health often accompanies those who have a cup of tea everyday. Tea culture plays a dominant role in the history of China. Come join us in the tea courses, we altogether can share a peaceful and fun experience in a tranquil atmosphere.Our assistant will make a cup of tea for every guest with prepared appliances. Firstly, the tea ceremony addresses the beauty of Chinese culture. The staff will introduce Chinese traditional tea culture. From different regions, different tea demand different tools and step to be prepared. Secondly, our staff will teach you the elegance of tea making, including several steps of holding the cup, smelling the tea, identify the tea, checking the color of the tea and lastly, tasting the tea. After the presentation, you can use all the tools to make a cup of traditional Chinese tea by yourself.

Full-day tour with Li River Cruise, from Guilin
Admire gorgeous scenery along the Li River and commentary about highlights like Xingping Ancient Town
Includes a Chinese lunch served on board the river cruise
Have free time to explore Yangshuo in the afternoon
Choose return transfer service to Guilin or remain in Yangshuo independently

Time of class - Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30 -11:30am., about 60 - 90 minutes.
Location - The ground floor of hotel.
Please make an appointment in advance !

[Day 3]

08:00 After breakfast, open the window and have a breath of fresh air, tide up the album.
09:30 Chinese culture experience course:Painting and Calligraphy Class location?Ronghu Art Gallery or "Qi hong ge" on the fifth floor of our hotel.
Time for the class?Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.(Need to make an appointment one day in advance)
Experience the unique painting and calligraphy of China. Mr. Zheng, a famous painter and calligrapher, will come to our hotel personally to teach us painting and calligraphy. With a long history, a profound artistic conception and a freely flowing style of painting.Tea ceremony location?"Xian yun ting" on the ground floor of our hotel.
Time for the class?Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.(Need to make an appointment one day in advance)
Our vacation assistants will carefully prepare all kinds of tea utensils for you. Our tea master who is in a beautiful traditional Chinese dress will firstly introduce you the related knowledge of Chinese traditional tea culture. Secondly, our tea master will teach you how to brew tea in an elegant way and show you how to hold cup, smell fragrance, distinguish tea leaves, watch the colour of tea.

15?30 Visit the Ronghu Art Gallary and enjoy the afternoon tea.
Visit Location?NO.5 building in Ronghu hotel.
Time to visit? 3:30 - 5:30 pm.(Need to make an appointment in advance)

19?00 Night walking trip around Rong and Shan Lakes
Meeting Place?At the hotel lobby.
Time to meet? 7:30 - 9:30 pm.(Need to make an appointment in advance)

It's a good chance for our guests to follow our vacation assistant to stroll along the Banyan and Cedar lakes which are the highlight of Guilin's two Rivers and four Lakes. Today's two Rivers and four Lakes, traditional and modern ideal mode that combines together, which is the harmony and unity of the natural landscape and human landscape, as well as the perfect combination of the tourist city and historical, cultural city.

[Day 4]

Small group tour, which is include car fee (mini van, entrance ticket, lunch and long hair show, guide). This group is about 7-9 people and the tour guider will pick-up at 8:30 am from our hotel, about 18:00 you will get back to our hotel. Those trip you can enjoy the original Zhuang people?s life.
You will explore the Longji Terraces. Longji's Terraces are the most famous landscape of Longsheng County in Guilin Prefecture. They were first built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271?1368).

08:30 after breakfast everyone get together take the bus to rice terrace
11:00 get to the office ticket
11:30 get the village and see the long hair show
12:00 lunch time
12:30 hiking by yourselves
16:00 ready back to Guilin hotel
18:00 back to Guilin hotel

Explore the unique Longji Terraces
Experience local lives on Longsheng Country
Relax yourself in the green hills
A well-trained 'local' English-speaking tour guide
An Authentic traditional Chinese lunch
Hotel pickup and drop off

[Day 5]
Free time - departure city.