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Art Gallery and Afternoon Tea

Dual brand was founded in 1995, Chen famous tea Chen Yongtang began to pu'er tea research. After years of efforts to explore, the pu'er tea "jumps over Chen yue sweet, but not bad". Chen tea have a comprehensive understanding, finally summed up the high quality pu'er tea should have "aging time, the quality of aging" double Chen concept, and launched a day in the high quality finished product tea brand, double Chen Pu'er.

Double warehousing Chen tea, with the aid of the natural material such as bamboo charcoal, lime, bamboo sticks to adjust within the warehouse environment, guarantee the stability of chamber temperature and humidity is appropriate, no peculiar smell. Tea essence cultivated outside warehouse was not only ensures the air circulation within the warehouse can purify air, covered the sun, eliminate noise, odor, adjust the temperature and humidity.

Chen Yongtang (F embellish spring tea founder) said: "tea tree is a stage of the process of puer tea of life, it is only suitable for xishuangbanna dashan. Picked leaves is another form of puer tea, wilting, editing, rolling, drying and fermentation, suppression, such as tea process, although the performance of the subjective behavior, is based on human through long-term practice of the specific form of life deepening understanding, for that matter, traditional tea process is suitable for puer tea green living environment."

"For Pu?er tea, Chen is a most long life journey. It usually takes a few years, more than ten years or even decades. In the long process, their environmental requirements are constantly changing, build suitable for the aged Pu'er tea, dynamic environment, it is the concept of 'double Chen core connotation. Although aging environment construction requires human intervention, but the premise is respecting the rule of a particular phase of the life, and not impose the subjective will of the people to the tea."

Shipped from Xishuangbanna tea at the beginning, in the strict physical and chemical inspection and senior tea drinking after inspection, first enter the "double" Chen Pu'er purification of warehouse storage system. Purification warehouse put plenty of activated carbon and lime, and is equipped with a filter function of air circulation device, experienced management personnel will be according to the warehouse temperature, humidity and the change of external environment, real-time adjustment of distribution and number of activated carbon and lime, decided to air circulation open time and ventilation rate of the equipment.Purification bin dispel the early tea in the processing is the basic function of transportation taste, infection of mixed gas in the process of the process lasted for 18 months. After purification, the tea will transfer to the stable.

Management depending on different fermentation character, will be transferred from the stable positions of puer tea is placed in different position of the agingbunker. In the process of aging, tea fermentation condition changes with the seasons alternately. So to timely adjust agingbunker environment parameters, so as to adapt to the needs of the seasons.Agingbunker management focus is to keep the warehouse in reasonable quantity and activity of microbial flora, this is very important.Every quarter, to extract tea samples from warehouse in different location detection.

These characteristics of warehousing makes the surface of the dry tea oil embellish luster, clear cords, the scent of tea liquor is pure. Looked clear and bright, oily gloss, tea liquor flavor coordination full, lively fluid back to the grape fast and lasting, throat moist after drink, sweet to the soul.