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My dear friends,

Thank you so much for choosing to stay with Aroma Tea House.

13th March, for us , it should be just a normally windy day. But for you, it is a special graduation trip. And since you have chosen Aroma Tea House, this day has become a meaningful day for us. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay at Aroma Tea House, enjoyed the evening walking tour with us, enjoyed the rice noodle time with us, enjoyed the small birthday party with us. It?s the first time for us to know that Japanese friends won?t make a wish before blowing out a candle. But finally you listened to us and then you made a wish at Aroma Tea House. We hope that all your wishes will come true. 


We all hope that you will come again with your family or friends. If some day we have the chance to go to Japan, we will also try the special different kinds of Japanese Udon noodles as you told us……

Warm regards from Aroma Tea House