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  • 静观榕湖美术馆陶瓷唐卡展品2Thangka

Thangka is the religious scroll painting mounted with colorful satins and fabrics and hung in the hall for worship.It's a unique form of painting art in Tibetan culture, which contains Tibetan history, politics,social life and so on. Most of the Thangka are created by Tibetan Buddhism, which have been handed down from ancient times, even more than 1000 years.

Traditionally, the dyes used for Thangka are such valuable minerals and gemstones as gold, silver, pear, agate and plants like rhubarb,saffron and indigo. Because of these natural dyes, the painting will have gorgeous colour and can be preserved for hundreds of years without any change in colour. It usually takes a long period to finish a Thangka, ranging from half a year to more than a decade because of the complicated procedure. As a result, Thangka is known as the art treasure of Chinese ethnic painting and Tibetan encyclopedia, also the precious intangible cultural heritage in Chinese folk art.

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  • 静观榕湖美术馆陶瓷唐卡展品 Thangka