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Sand-fired Pot

  • 静观榕湖美术馆紫砂艺术展示区 zisha teapot exhibition stand 2

The collection of Yiyang Taiji Pot in the Art Museum is a contemporary purple sand terra cotta pot done by the artist Lv Yaochen and his son Lv Junjie. It is based on the Taoism structure of Yin & Yang and the Eight Diagram. With the black and red coloration, it uses the form of a pot in pot, combines the theory of Yin Yang and the concept of compensation. This masterpiece is a reflection of ancient oriental philosophy and is considered to be the best purple sand craftsmanship in the history. Mr. Lv Junjie's artistic creation, the sister pots 'Forever Reunion' was recorded in the Versailles Collection Code Book in 2013.

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  • 紫砂壶 zisha teapot 2
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