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The original design and creation of the world's first professional jade industry independent brands.

Pioneered by Mr. Wang Junyi, the Artistic Director of Chinese Jade founded the jade carving art industrial brand 'Day Jung Taken' in 1995. It is the first international professional independent industrial jade brand. In January, 2015, sponsored by the People's Daily, people's BBS magazine 'Two Five the first China Independent Brand Summit' was held in the Great Hall of People in China. The 'Day Jung Taken' was nominated as one of the top 100 best independent brands in China.

  • 静观茗楼榕湖美术馆中国翡翠雕刻大师王俊懿作品【水滴丹凤】
  • 静观榕湖美术馆中国翡翠雕刻大师王俊懿作品【幸福长青】

Jung "days taken" as the world's first blue jade field collectivize company whole industry chain model, has realized the whole industry chain collectivization development scale, in myanmar jade mining; Guilin development, training, high-end creation as a base; Shenzhen mass production sales; Beijing for high-end products sales and jade art show to headquarters. Joon "days taken" founder and artistic director - China emerald artist Mr Wang Junyi focus in twenty years, always adhere to the original design, reform the traditional workshop innovation in modern production, strict supervision, its senior elite team cooperation, aims to combine contemporary style, inheriting Chinese ancient jade culture essence, creating excellent Oriental art treasures. Mr Wang Junyi founded "day jung taken" brand for the traditional ethnic culture industry, especially in the development of the Chinese jade industry development in the future long-term direction, make it stand on a higher starting point to promote the independent innovation, to revitalize the Chinese nation jade culture of the contemporary revival and constantly trying.

  • 静观榕湖美术馆翡翠雕刻大师王俊懿作品【爱之海枯石烂】
  • 静观榕湖美术馆中国翡翠雕刻大师王俊懿作品【金枝三彩鹦鹉胸针】

Good days taken product innovation team successively under Mr Wang Junyi create: jade three-color series, the longfeng series, baby series of classic. Especially the "taken" the birth of the baby "Buddha" series of inspiration from Mr Wang Junyi original design of the first "baby pharmacist lapis lazuli light Buddha pendant. "Poly auction for the eighth anniversary of the fall in 2013, with RMB thirteen million eight hundred thousand and collectors, created the jade glass pendant auction record. The statue of "baby Buddha" is by Mr Wang Junyi original design, is the Chinese jade carving art history's first render the baby look like jade Buddha statues of works of art. Since then the baby Buddha image in jade carving industry in China, be followed jade Buddha statues, and the birth of the baby "Buddha" series of the Chinese traditional jade carving industry also has epoch-making influence, a Mr Wang Junyi "let the public to wear affordable art master level of jade Buddha statues" ambition.

  • 静观榕湖美术馆中国翡翠雕刻大师王俊懿作品【福寿宝宝佛莲心坠】

Jung "days taken" collectivize company always think: "innovation is the engine of enterprises built to last, the brand is the symbol of an enterprise development level and market recognition." CSL taken product for many years, "day" is devoted to the development of enterprise independent brands and has obtained great achievement, through a series of independent innovation leads domestic jade jewelry industry innovation and development, has won the recognition and respect in the field of the world at the same time, also for the Chinese traditional jade jewelry industry development has injected new vitality to the international market.

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