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Chinese Calligraphy & Painting

  • 静观榕湖美术馆书画台 table for calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy and pairing are two different categories of artistic expressions. Calligraphy is the art of producing beautiful handwriting using a brush, usually done by a master calligrapher. Chinese pairing is the art of drawing pictures on cloth, silk, and paper using brushes, ink, and pigments. The tools we use, like writing brushes, ink, paper, and ink stone are called the Four Treasures of the Study. As one of the unique tools for Chinese calligraphy and painting, ink stone dictates the exquisiteness of the ink and, eventually, the quality of the art. In the same sense, the quality of the paper influences the result greatly as well.

  • 静观榕湖美术馆油画展 oil painting at gallery
  • 静观榕湖美术馆书画鉴赏课 the meeting about painting

Traditional calligraphy and pairing is used to express emotions and cultivate sentiment by the authors, it reflects natural and genuine thoughts and feelings and it is the kind of traditional art that's full of nationalism. It has occurred after the creation and development of Chinese characters for thousands of years and has a rich heritage.

In this art gallery, we select well-known artists who ever studied or lived in Guilin and display their works for the guests.

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